Missing Teeth?

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'Growing' New Teeth

You can recapture a full and healthy-looking smile with dental implants. They provide full functionality to chew every type of food. They are permanent and look like real teeth, as they come up through the gums. Denture wearers can benefit because they can replace a full set of missing teeth. They will be very stable in the mouth and eliminate the problems of slippage and tilting dentures. After a titanium post is inserted by an oral surgeon, Dr. Shoemaker will create the tooth-like restoration so you can have the smile you deserve!

Overdentures Give You Confidence

Let's put a big smile on your face with overdentures! We know how troublesome slipping dentures and trapped food can be. You will be pleased to learn that overdentures provide the stability and strength you need. Our skilled dental team will give you the exact fit that looks and feels natural. Relief from dentures that move will give you more confidence and more reason to smile.

Look Years Younger with The Denture Fountain of Youth

Economy dentures serve a basic purpose – filling empty space and allowing you to chew some foods. They can be a cost-effective choice, but they also can cause a multitude of problems. They rarely fit well or stay put even with messy adhesives. Worse, because there is no stimulation, the jaw bone deteriorates. Combine that with the lack of support to the lips and face, and you wind up with a sunken, aged look. Continued bone deterioration means an increasingly poorer fit and more discomfort, and the patient just continues to look older.

That's why we are excited to offer FOY Dentures™, the Denture Fountain of Youth™, to our patients. These custom dentures provide neuromuscular support and stimulation to the alveolar bone, preserving the natural contours of your face and jaw. The design takes into account not just the placement of the teeth, but the motions and actions of the muscles and nerves. We invest the time and attention necessary for achieving and maintaining optimum muscle relaxation and function. The result is dentures that are fully supported by both jaw position and muscle.

So what does that mean for you? Imagine eating whatever you want, in complete comfort. You'll look like you've had a facelift, without any surgery! Your smile will be natural and the fact that you are wearing dentures will be less noticeable. People will comment on your more youthful appearance, and you'll maintain a more healthy countenance for a longer period of time.

To achieve this unparalleled level of appearance and comfort, there is a greater amount of time required (up to four visits) and the cost is higher than it is for economy dentures. But a drawer full of dentures that don't fit or work properly isn't a good investment, either. And you're worth it. Why wait? Call us today to see if FOY Dentures™ will suit you.



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