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Relax and Forget about Your Worries with Sedation Dentistry

We know how traumatic dental treatment can be for some patients, with all the worries associated with needles, drilling, and extensive procedures. But with advancements in dental care, today you can relax and feel calm for any procedure. In fact, you won't even remember having any treatment. Oral conscious sedation will change your outlook on going to the dentist.

With just one pill that you take an hour before your appointment, you will start to feel relaxed. By the time you are in the dental chair, you will have reached a deep level of sedation. But you can still respond to questions when asked by the doctor. After treatment is completed, you have someone drive you home and in about an hour, you are completely alert again.

This is great for those who have an even greater fear of being "knocked out," because you are not completely unconscious as you would be for surgery. Conscious sedation provides the happy medium of not being aware of treatment, but still being able to respond to your environment.

This type of sedation also works well for those who are resistant to getting numb with anesthetic. And for those who need more work done in one appointment, conscious sedation makes it possible. We also offer nitrous oxide (commonly known as laughing gas) for lighter requirements. We are sensitive to all patients' needs and make it possible for every one to feel comfortable and relaxed for every type of treatment.

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