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Get Relief from Snoring and a Good Night's Rest

How important is getting a good night's sleep? Very important! Your entire body needs that restful time to be able to re-boot and feel refreshed for a full day of alertness and productivity. Adequate sleep every night will also greatly help you stay healthy.

In particular, your heart takes on the effects of stress that occur throughout the day. As you fall into restful sleep, your heart has a chance to let go of all the stresses that have affected it throughout your busy day. Sleep lets your body slow down and revitalize and to curb the acceleration of age-related diseases such as hypertension, memory loss, and diabetes.

In contrast, a lack of sleep continues to burden your heart with excessive strain on the heart muscle. Sleep disorders can contribute to severe cardiovascular problems that ultimately can result in death.

Snoring Can Be More Than a Minor AnnoyanceSleep Apnea Dental Treatment Jeffersonville IN

Are you familiar with the term "sleep apnea"? Often, snoring is a symptom of this problem that results because of an obstructed air passage during sleep. Those with this problem are often not aware that their breathing intermittently stops – dozens or even hundreds of times a night. This problem has also been identified as a major contributor to heart problems, elevated blood pressure, and stroke.

We can easily address this situation with an oral appliance that will keep air flowing to and from your lungs. Don't take the continued risk of serious health problems resulting in premature death. Don't live your life with decreased brain function and depression due to lack of sleep. Instead, get a good night's rest that both you and your partner will appreciate!

An Easy Alternative to Using the CPAP

If you have already been diagnosed with sleep apnea and are using the usual solution to the problem, you may already be experiencing the frustrations of such a solution. The CPAP, or Continuous Positive Air Pressure device, is a machine that pumps air into a mask that fits over the patient's nose and mouth. It is bulky and uncomfortable to wear, and for some, its presence hinders a sound sleep.

Don't feel frustrated any longer! Dr. Shoemaker will fit you with an oral appliance that is small and comfortable to use. These acrylic devices fit over upper and lower teeth to realign your tongue and jaw. This realignment keeps your air passage open for the continuous flow of air. It's easy to insert, remove, and clean, and packs lightly in your luggage for easy traveling. Patients have been very pleased with this alternative and feel relieved to be sleeping peacefully and quietly each night.



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